Filipino Woman Becomes an Instant Celebrity For Looking Exactly Like Chloë Grace Moretz

A Filipino fast-food attendant became an instant internet darling after people noticed her uncanny resemblance with Hollywood actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

It all started when her candid photo was secretly taken by a Jollibee customer who later uploaded it on Facebook with the caption: “Didn’t know Chloe Grace was working at Jollibee in Navotas.“

The picture received thousands of likes, comments, and shares, elevating her to viral status in less than a week, earning the mystery girl the moniker “the Filipina Chloë Moretz.”

A social media user similarly posted her images on Twitter, this time tagging Chloë Moretz herself in the post.

Chloë’s reaction was priceless, quickly acknowledging how she looks just like her Filipino doppelgänger in several tweets:

The young woman, who was later identified as Edcell Ched, was elated of her newfound fame, especially after Moretz herself discovered her photos.

According to social media sleuths, Ched is a working student who is currently studying at the City of Malabon University in the Philippines.

Jollibee will certainly be missing out if Ched does not get featured in a Chloe-inspired ad soon. Or maybe feature them both? Please make it happen.

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