Man Showed Off Corpse of Filipino Wife in Freezer Before Committing Suicide

Man Showed Off Corpse of Filipino Wife in Freezer Before Committing Suicide
Bryan Ke
August 5, 2019
A 66-year-old Texas man’s body was found with a self-inflicted wound and the body of his FIlipino wife inside of his freezer in an apparent murder-suicide.
Police reportedly responded to Edward Rogers Jr.’s home on Livermore Drive on Monday morning when a man notified the authorities that the suspect had killed his wife, according to Star-Telegram. Officers found his body with a self-inflicted wound and the body of his Filipino wife, Alyssa Marie Mejia Rogers, inside the freezer.
A police affidavit states that on Sunday, Rogers allegedly showed the corpse to a friend who did not believe that he killed her, Coconuts Manila reported. During this display, he reportedly squeezed the buttocks of the corpse before smirking and saying that her body was “cold.”
Then Rogers called around to relatives on Monday to confess his crime, admitting to storing the body of his 24-year-old estranged wife inside the freezer for several days before shooting himself to death.
“She was in the freezer for eight days,” Rogers’ 71-year-old ex-mother-in-law Jackie Lee said while speaking to the Star-Telegram. She was informed by Rogers’ son living in California.
Rogers then told his friend that Alyssa, who wasn’t living in the suspects’ home and was previously advised to stay away from him, allegedly showed up at his house and enticed him into having sex with her. They reportedly had an argument where Rogers pushed Alyssa so hard that the woman ended up hitting her head on an unknown object. Police have yet to release the official cause of death.
Rogers married Alyssa, whom he had met online, two years ago. They were previously going through the process of filing for divorce and have one child together that the woman sent to the Philippines.
As stated in the reports, Rogers was arrested in October and January for choking Alyssa and was ordered by the court to cut off any communication with her after the incidents. However, the New York Post reported that the man was supposed to be sentenced in August for choking his wife.
This wasn’t the first time Rogers had displayed signs of aggression towards other people. According to Lee, he had a history of domestic abuse where people saw him beat his wife more than once including one instance where he threw her across the room. His first wife and his daughter were both victims of the man’s physical abuse, the reports noted.
Rogers also had a record of manslaughter and had pleaded guilty in 2004 for the killing of his 41-year-old co-worker who he stabbed in the chest during an argument. Although he was already charged with murder, the judge declared a mistrial when the jury couldn’t agree on a verdict. He received eight years of deferred probation and his case was later dismissed when he completed his probation condition, Dallas Morning News reported.
Featured image (left) screenshot via YouTube/Balitang America TFC, (right) via Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office
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