Filipino Web Developer Dad Named ‘Macaroni ’85’ Names Newborn Baby ‘HyperText Markup Language’

Filipino web developer

A Filipino web developer’s unconventional name choice for his newborn son has become a hot topic for social media users in the Philippines. 

A site to behold: Macaroni ’85 Pascual named his son HyperText Markup Language (HTML), based on the language used to describe the structure of Web pages, as a tribute to his profession, reported

  • Baby HTML was delivered normally weighing 4.9 pounds at a local hospital in Bulacan, Philippines, on June 10.
  • Salie Rayo Pascual, HTML’s mother, said their relatives are all happy with the baby’s distinctive name.

Runs in the family: Baby HTML, who also has aunts named “Spaghetti ’88” and “Sincerely Yours ’98,” belongs to a family that is no stranger to one-of-a-kind names.

  • Spaghetti herself has two children named Cheese Pimiento and Parmesan Cheese, with nicknames Chippy and Peewee (popular Filipino snacks).
  • The cheesy siblings also have cousins named Design and Research.

Internet love: When Sincerely Yours shared HTML’s photo in a Facebook post, social media users welcomed the new baby with warm wishes and celebratory comments ranging from amusement to bewilderment.

  • Some users, however, criticized the infant’s parents for the possible repercussions of having an unusual name that may affect HTML’s future. 
  • Some of the commenters even called the parents by insulting names for their decision.

Featured Image via Sincerely Pascual

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