Filipino Man Hand-Painting Signs is Extremely Satisfying to Watch

Filipino Man Hand-Painting Signs is Extremely Satisfying to WatchFilipino Man Hand-Painting Signs is Extremely Satisfying to Watch
A viral video in the Philippines showing a public utility vehicle (PUV) signboard maker displaying his craft has left many netizens both amazed and oddly satisfied.
The video, which was posted on Facebook last week by PUV dispatcher Beto Aruta, has received over 2.8 million views as well as more than 47,000 shares and 33,000 likes.
The man, whose name and face were not revealed in the video, can be seen working in the streets of Quezon City making signboards used by PUVs to indicate the vehicle’s route.
They are usually found in front of vehicles inserted into hooks that are attached via suction cups and placed on the windshield.
via Wikimedia Commons / Stephanie Azarias & Alexander Olpindo (CC BY-SA 3.0)
They are commonly found on jeepneys as well as public FX vehicles or mega taxis shared by commuters.
It turns out, the man occasionally visits the area where Aruta works in TriNoma mall in Quezon City.
He comes to Trinoma [Mall] every now and then,” Aruta told Coconuts Manila. “He sells those signs for PHP50 each (less than USD$1).”
He comes to me because the drivers tell me if they need to have a signboard made or not,” Aruta added.
Many Facebook users praised the man for his craft, but his popularity transcends to other social media platforms.
His viral video made its way to the Subreddit group r/OddlySatisfying where it received over 24,000 upvotes. Almost everyone in the thread was mesmerized by the man’s work.
But others were not impressed by it.
Featured Image via Facebook / BetoAruta
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