Filipino Reporter Under Fire For Filming a Live Murder Without Helping

Filipino television network ABS-CBN has drawn criticism after featuring an exclusive news story about a stabbing that led to the death of one man. The cameraman apparently watched the crime unfold with no obvious attempt at intervention.

The video clip of the news bit reported in ABS-CBN News’ Umagang Kay Ganda, went viral when one Facebook user pointed out that the cameraman of the network did nothing to help while a man was being killed, Kami reported.

The victim, identified in the video as James Chua, was seen repeatedly stabbed before falling to his death in Quezon City on Saturday, September 3. The suspect, Melchor Espanola, immediately fled the scene by foot but was later apprehended by authorities. Espanola had also stabbed another individual, Ruel Piso, shortly before killing Chua.

Espanola is being charged with murder and homicide charges while Piso is being treated in a hospital after sustaining serious injuries.

Netizen Raven Hagorn, who claimed to be the cousin of Chua, criticized the reporting crew of the news network for failing to take any attempt to save the dying victim.

Netizens who posted their opinion on the issue gave mixed reactions while some explained that the reporting crew was also trying to protect their lives. Others pointed out that someone could have at least called an ambulance.

While the video in question has since been deleted from the ABS-CBN Facebook page and YouTube channels, it has been re-uploaded in several other pages and sites. The network has yet to comment on the issue.

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