Filipino Frontline Nurse Gifted a Brand New Car From Ellen Degeneres

Filipino Frontline Nurse Gifted a Brand New Car From Ellen DegeneresFilipino Frontline Nurse Gifted a Brand New Car From Ellen Degeneres
American TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres recently surprised a Filipino frontline nurse with a brand new car just a day before she confirmed she is positive for COVID-19.
The heartwarming moment was shared on the 62-year-old’s TV show YouTube channel, TheEllenShow, on Wednesday.
Flor Maylyn Roz, a Los Angeles-based nurse, met up with the TV show host, thinking the meet up was an interview for The Ellen Show, which has been highlighting the incredible sacrifices frontliners have given amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to ABS-CBN.
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Roz, who chose this career because she loved helping people as a child, explained how the pandemic changed and how he took up the role of someone who comforts their patients under quarantine.
The pandemic has changed everything,” Roz said. “People who are sick, since they cannot be visited by their family, I will be the one who’s gonna be by their side and let them know that there is this person who loves them.”
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Roz has not seen her family for months since she started working on the front lines to help with the sick. She was not able to see her husband and their 2-year-old son while on duty.
It’s just heartbreaking not to see your family. But I can’t do anything but to be strong for them,” Roz said.
Things started to become difficult for her family when she contracted COVID-19 in March. It brought big changes to their family’s financial situation as she had to stop working to treat her infection.
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While speaking at The Ellen Show, Roz explained her travel situation, where she had to share her husband’s car or ask some of her colleagues to pick her up. She would also sometimes walk to their hospital or take an Uber.
It’s just amazing what you’ve been doing. I know that you and your husband are sharing one car. So I’ve partnered with Hyundai and they want to thank you for your service. They want to give you this Hyundai Palisade. This is your car. No more Ubers for you,” DeGeneres told Roz as she surprised her with her brand new car.
Screenshot via TheEllenShow
Just know how much we love you and appreciate you and when you’re exhausted, in those times that you can barely go on anymore, just remember how many people love you and how many people are so grateful for you,” the show host added as she thanked Roz for helping people.
Screenshot via TheEllenShow
Just a day after the giving the surprise, DeGeneres took to her Instagram account to announce she has tested positive for COVID-19.
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