Filipino Mom Cuts Up Son’s Condoms Because ‘no sex before marriage’

A Filipino mom was checking her son’s wallet when she discovered four condoms and her reaction may have been unconventional from how other parents would react.

King Perez had asked his mother for allowance money for the upcoming school year. His mother went to check his wallet to see if her 19-year-old son really did in fact need money. Perez failed to remember that his mom would fail to find dollar bills but condoms instead.

The mother and son had a sit down sermon, Perez explained.

“We had a 2-hour sermon regarding this and when the sermon was about to finish, she made her last move by letting me surrender the condoms and her chopping it up,” he said.

Image via @kngperez

Perez believes that his mom’s act was “valid and understandable” because she hasn’t come to terms that her “baby boy” is all grown up.

“She grew up from an ultraconservative family and her take on the matter is understandable: no sex before marriage. I know that she just wants the best for me.”

Feature images courtesy of Asia One.

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