Filipino man goes on epic vacation accompanied by pillow of wife’s face after she couldn’t join

  • A Filipino man determined to have his wife by his side on vacation decided to carry around a pillow of her face after she was unable to join at the last minute.
  • He first uploaded a video of the pillow on a luggage conveyor belt on July 7.
  • While exploring Coron, Palawan, the man posted several photos of himself and his “wife” on different parts of the island where locals even posed with the pillow.
  • The man said he thought of the idea as he is “used to being with my wife.”

After his wife was unable to join their trip at the last minute, a Filipino man decided to carry around a pillow of his wife’s face while exploring the island of Coron in the Palawan province of the Philippines.

Raymond Fortunado, a fitness trainer, and his wife Joanne, a freelance model, initially planned to go on vacation together, however, she was unable to join at the last minute due to work, reported Philippine news outlet Kami. Determined to be with his wife, Fortunado decided to bring a pillow bearing a humorous image of his wife’s face while on vacation.

“I thought of [the idea] because I’m used to being with my wife, and we’re very clingy with each other,” Fortunado told Inquirer per Asia One.

On July 7, Fortunado shared a video to Facebook of the pillow on a luggage conveyor belt with the caption, “You made me cry there! I lost my sadness [now]… thank you for following me.”

While exploring different parts of the island, Fortunado took several photos with his “wife” and even convinced some locals to pose with the pillow. In one photo, the pillow of his wife is seen tucked into bed with a sleeping mask.


Fortunado explained that he and his wife had an argument the morning he left for the trip; however, after seeing the photos on Facebook, she quickly cheered up. When she arrived at the airport to pick up Fortunado, the two posed with the pillow and took a photo.

Feature Image: Facebook

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