Filipino American Man Nearly Hit With a Rock in Random Attack in Los Angeles

Filipino American Man Nearly Hit With a Rock in Random Attack in Los AngelesFilipino American Man Nearly Hit With a Rock in Random Attack in Los Angeles
Carl Samson
April 8, 2021
A Filipino American man in Los Angeles was nearly hit with a rock by a stranger who appeared out of nowhere and started yelling in his direction.
The incident occurred while Andre Cadiz, 26, was having lunch with his dog outside Dollar Hits, a restaurant in the city’s Historic Filipinotown around 4 p.m. on April 3.
Cadiz, who was sitting outside facing the restaurant, first heard the unidentified man yell incoherently. Ignoring the stranger’s remarks, he then heard a loud bang on the window right in front of him.
It turns out the man had thrown a rock. Cadiz said it narrowly missed his head.
“I jumped out of my seat and then I realized this guy in the parking lot was in a stance that looked like he just threw something,” Cadiz, a graphic designer, told the Asian Journal. “There was a mark on the window and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that was a rock that went over my head.”
Cadiz then pulled out his phone to film the rest of the incident, which he later posted on Instagram.
“What the f*ck, bro?” he called out the man.
Image via Andre Cadiz (@mintidesign)
The attacker, who held another rock and a pair of scissors, also dared restaurant staff to “come outside” and “call the cops.” He allegedly threw another object at one point.
Cadiz confirmed that he did not hear the man use any racist language. Regardless, he fears the rise in anti-Asian violence in the city and across the country.
Dollar Hits, located in the 4200 block of Temple Street, is known for its Filipino street food. Owner Elvie Chan hopes the incident will not scare customers away, but instead raise awareness and bolster support for Filipino businesses.
The business has since reported the incident to law enforcement. As of this writing, the attacker remains at large.
“Fortunately, we were all able-bodied to get out of the way, but our elders wouldn’t have been so lucky,” Cadiz wrote in a follow-up post. “These are dangerous times for the AAPI community and I urge everyone to stay extra cautious, regardless of whether you’re in an AAPI area, restaurant, store, etc.
“Be safe everyone, please protect your family and community.”
Feature Images via Andre Cadiz (@mintidesign)
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