Filipino Luggage Salesman Has the Most Epic Sales Technique Ever

Filipino Luggage Salesman Has the Most Epic Sales Technique Ever
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 2, 2018
A luggage sales clerk in the Philippines has gone viral on local social media after some netizens
While shopping for travel bags at SM City Lipa in Batangas on Friday, Facebook user Brew Alcazar encountered who many netizens have been calling as the most “extra” salesperson ever.
The salesman, who was showcasing a pink suitcase-trolley to Alcazar, gave his utmost dedication in pitching why it was a good deal to purchase his items.
“It’s not just affordable, it’s also durable, even without the warranty, it’s still high quality… You can see it in the wheels, this is a great deal because the wheels are big.”
The salesman then surprised the potential buyer when he suddenly jumped and smacked the luggage down on the floor.
After his theatrical landing, the clerk then upped the ante by doing a full-on split while smacking the luggage again.
While his demonstration definitely showed off the durability of the luggage (as it did remain intact), it also illustrated his dedication to his job.
The original video, which has been viewed over 1.5 million times and earned 3,000 likes, earned the man praises for his efforts.

His unorthodox sales technique was also captured in another video posted by Facebook user Nala Zamora.
According to Zamora, the enthusiastic salesperson is a student from Lipa, Batangas who works to sustain his education. Zamora’s video has since been viewed over 1.3 million times and received over 22,000 likes. 
Netizens are so impressed that many have been encouraging others who need luggage to seek him out and buy from him.
Feature Image via Facebook/Nala Zamora
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