Filipino Student Stabbed to Death While Bystanders Ignored Him

Filipino Student Stabbed to Death While Bystanders Ignored Him

October 20, 2016
Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article stated that the victim, Nick Russell Oniot, was an engineering student. He was, in fact, an architecture student.
A teenager from the Philippines was walking on a street several blocks away from his home when he was attacked and killed by two muggers late in the evening last week. Security camera footage revealed, however, that before he died, he was able to reach out for help from motorists in the vicinity. Unfortunately, the victim, Nick Russell Oniot, was ignored.
The video showed the criminals trying to snatch the victim’s bag but he refused to give it up. He was seen being stabbed several times by one of the attackers. He then summed up his strength to approach a few vehicles to seek help, but no one apparently wanted to get involved. The victim was later revealed to have been stabbed 18 times, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer
While the 18-year-old architecture student was helplessly lying on the road, a man was seen looking at him, but still opted not to help.
The unfortunate incident that befell the student immediately went viral on local social media in the Philippines. Many netizens have expressed their sympathies and grief for the life lost while others expressed anger toward the unhelpful motorists who could have saved a dying young man.
The attackers have since been arrested after being identified through the CCTV footage. One of the them, however, was reportedly shot by a policeman after he tried to escape.
“Even if there’s a feeling of satisfaction that the suspects were arrested, it won’t bring back my brother’s life. We’re just glad that there was quick police action, and that’s what happened to the suspect,” Nick’s sister Shiela, 25, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Wednesday.
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