Filipino Boyfriend Comes Up With Genius Gift Idea After Girlfriend Says She Hates Flowers

For guys that are planning to sweep their lady off their feet this coming Valentine’s Day, if she doesn’t like flowers, why not give her a bouquet of chicken nuggets?

That was the surprise idea of Rico Villanueva for his girlfriend Annika Aguinaldo. These two lovebirds from the Philippines, both 19, recently went viral on the internet after their Twitter photo was shared.

“I told him I didn’t like flowers, so he got me a bouquet of chicken nuggets, and I pretty much became the happiest girl on the planet,” Annika tweeted together with the photo.

As it turns out, Annika had been dropping hints that she would very much like a chicken nugget bouquet, and like any good boyfriend, Rico was listening.

According to Buzzfeed, the tweet became so popular that it caught the attention of McDonald’s Philippines, and what better way to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s than to throw them a romantic chicken nugget date.

“Despite the viral post, Rico and I are still the same goofy couple. Viral tweet or no tweet, I still appreciate the little things he does to make me happy,” Annika said.

Aw, ain’t young love sweet?

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