Filipino boyband SB19 breaks record set by BTS for longest No. 1 reign on Billboard Trending Songs chart

  • P-pop boy band SB19 has kept their No. 1 position on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart for the seventh week in a row with their single “Bazinga.”
  • “Bazinga” broke the six-week record of Korean supergroup BTS for their hit single “Butter.”
  • Positions on the chart are determined by Twitter mentions about the songs. “Bazinga” garnered 9.3 million Twitter mentions during the Jan. 15 to Jan. 22 tracking week.

Filipino boy band SB19 has dethroned Korean supergroup BTS by claiming the top spot on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart, a list powered by Twitter mentions. 

Breaking the six-week record set by BTS’ hit single “Butter,” SB19’s track “Bazinga” has stayed at the top of the list for seven consecutive weeks now, according to Billboard

“Bazinga” garnered 9.3 million Twitter mentions during the Jan. 15 to Jan. 22 tracking week. The song’s popularity has continued to rise  since the release of its official video in October last year. As of this writing, the “Bazinga” music video has over 4 million views on YouTube.


SB19 performed the single at the 34th Awit Awards, a music awards ceremony in the Philippines, in November. They also performed the song on New Year’s Eve at the BYE 2021 digital music festival and joined the ASEAN-Korea ROUND Festival earlier this month.

According to Billboard, the chart ranks songs based on “global music-related trends and conversations in real-time across Twitter.” The charts’ rankings are “viewable over either the last 24 hours or past seven days,” and album sales and music streams do not impact a song’s position on the chart. 

Featured Image via SB19 Official

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