Filipino American Teens’ Tinikling Dance Goes Viral After Share From Bay Area Rapper

A group of Filipino American teens have gone viral last month for adding modern twist into the traditional Philippine folk dance Tinikling.

The video became a hit on social media after Bay Area rapper Saweetie shared the dance on her Instagram on August 20.

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Bruhhh 😭😭 mahal ko ang kababayan kong filipino 💙💙😍😍

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The viral moment was filmed during Olivia Mendoza’s cotillion on her 18th birthday celebration, according to NBC Los Angeles. Mendoza, along with her friends, showcased the traditional Filipino dance to the music of “My Type” by Saweetie and choreography from her cousin, Mireya Paulos.


“It’s just something super different,” Mendoza told the network of the dance that imitates the tikling bird, also called the buff-banded rail. “Not a lot of people, especially if you’re not Filipino, have seen it before.”

“The way we can add modern flair to it is kind of an homage to our culture that not a lot of people are used to seeing,” Mendoza said.

The recognition they received greatly inspired Mendoza and her family and friends to continue performing their dance and to help push forward the tradition to a new audience and generation.

“I think it demonstrates that we know what our Filipino culture is,” said Paulos. “We recognize it, and we can share the same values as other Filipinos around the area.”

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / KTVU

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