Parents of Filipino American teen missing for 3 weeks asks for public’s help

Parents of Filipino American teen missing for 3 weeks asks for public’s helpParents of Filipino American teen missing for 3 weeks asks for public’s help
via Facebook/Porz Avestruz Alvarado
The parents of a Filipino American teenager are appealing to the public for any information on the whereabouts of their daughter, who has been missing for three weeks.
What happened: Hayley Alvarado, 18, was reportedly caught on surveillance camera leaving through the back door of her parent’s home in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Dec. 17. Alvarado, who had asked her 17-year-old brother for bus fare, left without informing anyone of her destination and turned off her cellphone. 
“She left home through our backdoor as our CCTV showed, and when her dad checked on her room, he found out she was no longer there. He tried looking for her to no avail,” Alvarado’s mother, Portia, told “That’s the only amount she had with her. It looked like she did not bring enough extra clothing with her because the backpack she brought looked empty.”
Alvarado’s mental state: Portia also noted that her daughter had a previous episode of running away two years ago “for a few hours,” attributing to depression and anxiety. However, Alvarado reportedly underwent therapy at the time and completed high school as a summa cum laude. 
Mother’s message: On Jan. 1, Portia took to Facebook to share the news of her daughter’s disappearance. 
“I hope this message reaches you wherever you may be,” she wrote in a post. “You are always in my heart, my sweet ‘Lee.’ Please know that you are loved unconditionally by us. We will never give up searching for you and always pray for your safe return home. If you can read this message, please come home.”
Investigation: Alvarado, now a freshman at Montclair State University, left behind her laptop, tablet, ID and ATM card, according to her parents. They have turned in her electronic devices to police in hopes of finding any relevant information regarding her disappearance. 
Anyone with information regarding Alvarado’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Jersey City Police Department at (551) 227-8511.
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