Filipino American baby named Gerber Baby for 2023

Filipino American baby named Gerber Baby for 2023Filipino American baby named Gerber Baby for 2023
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Ryan General
July 12, 2023
An adorable Filipino American baby has been chosen as this year’s Gerber Baby.
Winning smile: Madison “Maddie” Mendoza, a 10-month-old baby from Colorado, was recently unveiled as the winner of the baby food brand’s 2023 Photo Search. 
In the photo contest, the contestants’ parents were asked to add their own baby photos along with their child’s photos. The Mendozas sent an entry that includes side-by-side photos of Maddie and her mom, who was her spitting image when she was her age. 
“The throwback submission of Maddie and her mom brought a smile to the judges’ faces and perfectly captured the spirit of this year’s program,” said Gerber President and CEO Tarun Malkani.
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Rainbow baby: Maddie’s birth as a “rainbow baby” (a child born following a past miscarriage) symbolizes hope and brings joy to her family.
Maddie’s parents both came from first-generation Filipino American families. Jun, a dedicated Air Force physician, and Crystal, a dentist, have been together for 22 years, with a love story that started in high school and endured as a long-distance relationship for nearly a decade.

Maddie’s passions: At a young age, Maddie reportedly enjoys a variety of activities that include baby music classes, swimming lessons and hiking. 
She is fearless in exploring new foods and interacting with animals. She also loves spending time with her family doing photography, trying new restaurants or simply being outdoors.
“We look forward to witnessing her grow into a kind, compassionate, strong, independent and worldly individual as we hope to be stationed overseas again to teach Maddie about all the different parts of the world,” Crystal was quoted saying. 
“Chief Growing Officer”: As the 2023 Gerber Baby, Maddie was given a $25,000 cash prize, free Gerber products for a year, a wardrobe from Gerber’s clothing line and the title of “Chief Growing Officer.”
She will be featured in the brand’s marketing campaigns throughout the year and is expected to collaborate with Gerber in supporting the healthy development of the next generation of babies.
Maddie’s selection as the Gerber Baby carries on the legacy of previous winners and the iconic image of Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber Baby, whose sketch as a baby in 1928 became a symbol of the brand.
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