Filipino-American Brothers Transform Amazon’s Alexa into Filipina Auntie ‘Tita’ in Video

Filipino-American Brothers Transform Amazon’s Alexa into Filipina Auntie ‘Tita’ in VideoFilipino-American Brothers Transform Amazon’s Alexa into Filipina Auntie ‘Tita’ in Video
Los Angeles, California-based Filipino-American brothers Kevin (nicknamed Frost) and Ken Francisco, are now going viral after sharing the parody video of Amazon’s Alexa, who they call “Tita,” the Filipino word for aunt or more generally used to address older women. 
The clip, which was posted on Facebook on Saturday, Oct. 20, is a comedy video parody of Alexa, Amazon’s speaker virtual assistant similar to Apple’s Siri.
Alexa who?! Titas in stores now! Available at your local Sari Sari store, Toys R’ Us participating Seafood City and some Walmart,” the brothers, captioned the video on their joint Facebook account.
Speaking to Coconuts Bangkok, Ken revealed that the parody video is their first Filipino-themed content on their social media account. While the name says Tita, or auntie, some of the scenes in the clip somehow shows similarities to Filipina mothers and grandmothers as well.
The video starts off with Frost showing Tita to his brother, Kevin. But as a surprise, the device comically greeted the two “Hello Ma’am Sir,” which is how some restaurant staff greet their customers in the Philippines.
Surprised, but equally amazed, Kevin asked Tita if she could find him a girlfriend, and just like what most Titas would say, she replied: “You don’t need a girlfriend. You should be focusing on your studies.”
Just like Alexa, Tita also has a feature to let you track your to-do tasks and shopping lists, but there’s a twist, though, since she’s a sassy Filipino aunt.
Can you please add toilet papers to the shopping list please?” Kevin asked politely when he discovered that they’ve ran out of toilet papers.
You don’t need a toilet paper. Use a Tabo! Tita replied. A Tabo (or water dipper in English) is one of the two most important bathroom items for personal hygiene – the other one is a Timba, or a big pail that you put under the bathroom faucet. These two are commonly used for cleaning yourself after doing you business; for taking baths, washing the floor, and more.
In the next scene, Frost asked Tita if she could add working out in his to-do list, but instead of accepting the request, the sassy virtual assistant gave him a condition.
Okay, I will after you pray the rosary,” she said.
Surprised by her answer, Frost tries to reason with her but he was cut mid-sentence.
You must pray the Rosary! Susmaryosep!” she said.
Susmaryosep (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) is an expression commonly used by the elderly to express disbelief, shock, and frustration.
Asking for the weather outside is definitely one of the most useful features of a virtual assistant, but not Tita, though. She will make you stay inside especially if it’s hot or raining.
When asked by Kevin about the weather outside, Tita said, “It’s sunny stay inside you’re going to get dark,” which many netizens find relatable from a Filipino household.
But the arguably the most tita of all the scenes was probably the last one where Frost asked her to access playlist. However, instead of playing music, she sang Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.”
Images via Facebook / FrostnKen
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