Filipina Woman Goes Viral after Bringing Own Microphone to Restaurant to Call for Extra Rice

A Facebook video that has gone viral in the Philippines shows a woman nonchalantly ordering extra rice at a restaurant using a microphone she brought with her.

The video, which was posted on Wednesday by Facebook user Liviann Magat Zorilla, was recorded at an unknown branch of Mang Inasal, a restaurant chain in the Philippines known for serving unlimited rice.

The 9-second clip starts off with Zorilla’s friend, Glysdi Faith Baguio, eating her meal as she asked Kuya (or big brother) for another serving of rice, Coconuts Manila reported.

The restaurant employee failed to hear her when she first called for him, so Baguio’s friends told her to call him again.

This time, the man noticed her and instead of getting mad or offended, he just smiled and laughed.

Netizens commented mostly positive things about the clip, which has since garnered over 2.4 million views, 18,000 reactions, 7,600 comments, and more than 49,000 shares.

The reaction of kuya was the one that carried the video. If that was in another store, their crew might’ve gotten mad, but kuya supported the customer. This is the kind of [restaurant] atmosphere that would be nice to eat at,” one user wrote in the comment in Tagalog.

Another user told the group to ignore all the negative comments criticizing them for what they did.

You guys are so funny. One of the good traits of Filipinos is being happy despite every negative thing happening nowadays,” the user said. “Don’t mind those who weren’t loved by their mamas. You guys made a lot of Filipinos happy with your video.”

Images via Facebook / liviann.zorilla

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