Filipina Mom Secretly Takes Pictures of Husband and Daughter Holding Hands For Years

Reddit users are loving a compilation of photos by a Filipina mother, known as MrsIronBad, which show sweet images of a father and daughter walking together while holding hands over the course of four years.

The compilation, which was posted on the sub Reddit /r/awww on Tuesday, shows the woman’s husband holding their daughter’s hand as they walk through several locations.

According to the post, the mother has been documenting family excursions since 2014 and plans to take the photos to a whole new level.

“I hope they do. I’m planning to make a video montage of these photos for her 18th birthday or maybe her wedding,” she wrote in one of her replies in the thread.

With more than 69,000 upvotes and 900 comments, as of this writing, the collection has become quite famous. But fans were curious to know if her daughter and husband actually know about her little hobby.

It turns out, they actually don’t. “Nope just me…..aaaaaand Reddit,” MrsIronBad said, according to BoredPanda. “My husband’s not a redditor and he doesn’t have any social media accounts anymore, so I think my secret is still safe.”

Check out the rest of the pictures below:

The collection of photos will surely be a wonderful gift for her daughter’s debut, a traditional coming-of-age celebration in the Philippines for women turning 18.

Images via Reddit / MrsIronBad

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