Filipina Instagram Model Under Fire For Old Tweets Bashing Asian Men, Loving ‘White Boys’

Filipina Instagram Model Under Fire For Old Tweets Bashing Asian Men, Loving ‘White Boys’
Max Chang
May 3, 2017
This post has been updated.
Lily May Mac is one of Instagram’s most followed darlings, with over 3 million fans and counting. Thanks to her social media following and popularity, she was able to collaborate with a few brands and eventually got the opportunity to launch her own makeup and lipstick collection.
However, since she became Insta-famous, some redditors couldn’t help but wonder what she used to be like before she hit the jackpot, and what they dug up was not pleasant.
From screencaps of Mac’s previous Twitter conversations years ago, she revealed her secret desire to be half white, her attraction towards white men only, and her prejudice against Asian men.
She was also previously slammed by Filipinos for allegedly concealing her roots. For those who do not know, Mac, whose birth name is Lily May Macapinlac, is pure Filipino. She moved to Australia with her family and has been living there since.
Since the old tweets have surfaced and gone viral, Macapinlac has gone on Twitter to defend herself:
Her mother also came under fire for criticizing Filipinos after she answered a question about Lily’s ethnicity.
“Yes, she’s pure pinoy not really to be proud of cause of the mentality of the pinoy. That’s why we migrated to Australia,” an Elsie Ponio Macapinlac said.
Eliza Romero, a fashion blogger and photographer who wrote a critical piece about Asian women who refuse to date Asian men titled “Dear Asian Women, I’m Calling You Out On This One” that went viral last month, shared her thoughts on Macapinlac’s past tweets with NextShark:
“Lily Maymac (sp?) is exactly the kind of Asian woman I was referring to in my blog post. She has posted tweets where it is clear that she was actively seeking out white guys. And not just any white guy. She said she wanted a white guy with yellow fever! 

“I have no problem with who she dates. I would never tell her or anyone else who they should and shouldn’t have a relationship with. You can still be “woke” and have a relationship with a white person. You can still be pro-Asian and proud of your heritage while in a relationship with a white person. But it’s really problematic the way she did it. Her dating preferences were clearly rooted in self-hatred and internalized racism. 

“That being said, it seems like she’s chalked up her old tweets to being young and stupid. I hope she’s opened her eyes and seen the error of her ways. A lot can happen to a person in 4 years.”

Lily Mac has since responded to the controversy on Twitter:

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