Filipina Girl’s Hilarious 100-Philippine Peso Bill Trick Goes Viral

Filipina Girl’s Hilarious 100-Philippine Peso Bill Trick Goes ViralFilipina Girl’s Hilarious 100-Philippine Peso Bill Trick Goes Viral
A hilarious video of a woman trying to make a “sad” 100 Philippine Peso bill smile has gone viral on Facebook.
Filipino Facebook user Gwyneth Faye Chatto posted the video clip of herself talking to the image of former Philippine president Manuel A. Roxas in the bill that has been folded and viewed in an angle that made it appear to be frowning.
“Hey, don’t feel bad I’m sorry,” Chatto can be heard apologizing in Filipino in her video.
As she moved the bill in an angle that made the image change its expression, she continued by teasing, “He’s smiling, he’s smiling.”
She then laughs hysterically as the late president Roxas is shown beaming his smile.
While the paper bill trick of changing the emotionless expression of any person on the money with just a few special folds is nothing new, the hilarious way Chatto did her version gained so much attention on local social media.
Chatto, who is a member of BTS Army, told Nextshark that she saw a similar video and was inspired to make her own take on the trick.
“I am extremely happy that a lot of people enjoyed the video,” she said.
Her video, which has since been viewed over 3.5 million views since it was uploaded on Facebook last Saturday, has generated universal positive reaction from netizens.
For those who want to try the trick for themselves, here’s a short tutorial from YouTuber Spacepainter:
Featured image via Facebook/Gwyneth Faye
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