Filipina American Teen Finding Out We’re Not Living ‘Inside Earth’ Has Twitter Falling in Love

A Filipino-American teen is now going viral for her reaction to finding out we’re not actually living inside the planet Earth, but on top of it.

The video was shared online by Twitter user @LoveMahalHappy on November 14 and since then, it has already been watched over 5.17 million times as of the time of writing.

In the now-viral clip, the Filipino-American teen, whose Twitter handle is @asiannbbyy, seemed very much surprised when she learned that we are not living “inside” the Earth.

I thought we were living inside! I thought this whole time we were living inside the earth. They [science teachers] never told me we were living on top,” she can be heard saying.

After the breaking revelation, her sister asked her “how would we have a sky if we’re living inside the Earth?”

Perplexed by the question and the new information, the teen explained that the “sky would be on the top layer” and that we would be living in the bottom part.

This response, while surely well-intentioned, seemed a bit morbid:

Other users were cheered up thanks to @LoveMahalHappy’s video.

One Twitter user was unsure if they had come to a conclusion in their argument.

And of course, there were those who want to see the family on “Ellen.”

Even Filipino-American beauty vlogger Bretman Rock found the adorable exchange to be relatable.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / @LoveMahalHappy

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