Fight Between Tai Chi ‘Master’ and MMA Fighter Ends in Only 10 Seconds

Fight Between Tai Chi ‘Master’ and MMA Fighter Ends in Only 10 Seconds
Khier Casino
April 28, 2017
A short video that shows what happens when a mixed martial artist and a Tai Chi master go up against each other has been making the rounds on Chinese social media on Friday.
Wei Lei thought his “Thunder style” of Tai Chi could take on Xu Xiaodong, a Beijing-based MMA fighter, coach and promoter who is also known by fans as a “madman” for his ruthlessness.
But the founder of the Tai Chi style learned after about 10 seconds into the fight that his technique was no match for Xu’s modern style of fighting.
In the video, Wei is brought to the ground by Xu, who lands multiple blows on his opponent’s face as a large crowd watches in shock in the city of Chengdu, China.
Wei is then seen lying on the ground bleeding as two men from the sidelines help him up.
Check out the fight below via YouTube:
Chinese netizens mocked Wei for being a “fraud” while criticizing traditional Chinese martial arts for being weak compared to MMA, according to Shanghaiist.
Wei explained in an interview before the match that his “Thunder style” of fighting was only at the level of a “primary student” when you take into account the long history of Chinese martial arts, meaning he still has much to learn.
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