Fight Randomly Breaks Out Between Nurses Inside Chinese Hospital During Surgery

An operating room in China became the unfortunate venue for a one-on-one brawl between two nurses.

In a widely shared CCTV video, a scene of a fight breaking out was captured inside the operating room while surgery was seemingly in progress.

The short clip, which was allegedly taken at a medical facility in Lankao County, Henan Province, featured two medical staff who initially got themselves into a verbal argument before engaging in a boxing match.

The female nurse can be seen throwing a punch at a male coworker who then answered back with successive blows to the head, causing her to drop on the floor. She remained down throughout the video which already has gone viral on Chinese social media platforms.

Other medical workers were seen going over to the ongoing ruckus to try to pacify the fighting nurses. Meanwhile, a seemingly unperturbed surgeon continued to do her work on the operating table by herself.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident, according to Shanghaiist. According to an interview with a local police officer, the fight broke out after a surgery had just taken place, noting that the patient was already transferred out of the operating room.

Unconvinced Chinese netizens, however, poked fun at the statement since an operation is apparently ongoing as seen in the video clip.

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