Fever-Inducing Dream Daddy in Singapore Reveals What He Eats to Stay Gorgeous AF

Gentlemen, prepare your notes; ladies, prepare your ovaries. The extremely hot 51-year-old dream daddy, ChuanDo Tan, has finally revealed his secret diet and daily routine to maintain his gorgeous looks and physique.

In an interview with 8Days Singapore, Tan revealed that his diet consists mostly of high protein meals for the whole day.

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Ideally, I’d wake up and have berries. After going to the gym, I’d have my protein shakes and six to eight eggs with two slices of bread. I’d do my work for about two hours, then hit the gym again, after which I’d have chicken breast and some carbs in the form of a small serving of brown rice or veggies. This is also when I might have something sweet like durians,” the 51-year-old bodybuilder and Singapore-based photographer said.

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At night I’ll eat chicken breast meat or fish soup without any carbs. I don’t really diet, but I watch what I eat.”

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Tan, just like everyone else, sometimes misses his daily routine. “Today I woke up late and didn’t have time for breakfast, so I had some cashew nuts before my meeting. I had nothing to eat till lunch break,” he continued. “I had sushi — sashimi, unagi and teriyaki chicken. Quite healthy lah, but not that healthy.”

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Most of his diet – fish soup and chicken breast – comes from food courts found in Orchard Road, Singapore. The taste isn’t always an issue for Tan; what’s important, however, is the freshness of the food – and as long as it doesn’t have salt.

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For those who loves eating hotpot, Tan advises to always go for light broth for the soup, choose fish for the meat, and pack it in with beancurd and lots of veggies. “Just try not to drink the soup ’cos it’s full of MSG,” he warns.

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As for his cheat day, Tan admitted that he sometimes eat a pint of ice-cream for about once a month that is split into three servings. “Sometimes when I have no food at home, I finish the whole pint. Impromptu cheat day!”

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Despite being a health nut, he admitted that he also loves oily food – especially tempura. He also eats fast food take-outs when there is no better alternative. “Fried stuff is so good, but it’s so bad. But the temptation is there. I eat McDonald’s takeout on photoshoots too, when we don’t have that many food options. It won’t kill me to eat fast food once in a while.”


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As for the big no-no for aspiring health buffs, the only food that should be avoided – aside from oily, fried stuff – is alcohol. “I grew to like wine, but I don’t really drink it ’cos alcohol ages your skin. If you’re trying to cleanse your body by eating clean, don’t put the toxins back in by drinking and smoking.”

Check out more sizzling photos of this dashing daddy on his Instagram account.

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