Ferris Wheel in Japan Faces the Wrath of Typhoon Lan

Ferris Wheel in Japan Faces the Wrath of Typhoon LanFerris Wheel in Japan Faces the Wrath of Typhoon Lan
Typhoon Lan wreaked havoc on a theme park in Japan as witnesses captured terrifying footage of a Ferris wheel thrashing amid the strong winds of the super typhoon, which made landfall south of Tokyo on Monday.
Twitter users @Ruru0912adjpp and @kanta_622 were able to film and share the terrifying view of a Ferris wheel’s passenger cars rapidly spinning out of control in Aichi Prefecture. Both users managed to capture the disastrous ordeal from different, yet equally frightening angles.

新アトラクション pic.twitter.com/WI1ZrwIxSc

— Kanta N. (@kanta_622) October 23, 2017

Netizens were shocked after seeing the video clip as one Twitter user exclaimed, “They’re dancing around like paper balloons!”, while another described it as “scarier than being on a rollercoaster!”
The Ferris wheel in the video was identified as part of Minami-Chita Beach Land’s theme park attractions, according to SoraNews24.
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Fortunately, the theme park closed their doors on the day of the inclement weather to prevent people from trying out the hazardous ride that could’ve been someone’s last.
While the wheel’s furiously spinning passenger cars appear frightening enough, park officials explained that this was actually part of the ride’s damage prevention features.
The cars were designed to spin on purpose to lessen the hazardous impact on the wheel itself, especially on extremely windy days.
Typhoon Lan 19 October 2017. Based on VIIRS / SuomiNPP data. (Photo via Flickr / Antti Lipponen (CC BY-SA 2.0))
The Ferris wheel might have spared the lives of potential victims, but Super Typhoon Lan unfortunately claimed some casualties.
According to the BBC, there are up to three casualties so far, including a 70-year-old senior who dived into the sea trying to escape his own boat. Furthermore, the super typhoon injured about 90 people in Japan, and left hundreds of homes devastated by flood.
About 500 flights were also canceled on Sunday due to the Typhoon Lan’s strong 123 miles per hour gusts, and trains were reportedly getting stuck due to the blackouts caused by the storm.
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