Two Ferraris Crash Trying to Avoid Puppy on the Street — Causes $300K in Damages

Roads can be full of surprises, and this rings true for two unfortunate Ferraris that crashed for a good cause: to avoid one pup that crossed the road.
Unfortunately, the drivers’ attempt was in vain — the puppy was still killed in the encounter.
The accident took place on a road in Lijiang, a city in China’s Yunnan province.
In that moment of fight or flight, the drivers chose to hit guardrails instead. This resulted to 2 million Yuan ($299,400) in damages.
Unsuspecting pedestrians were taken aback watching the accident unfold.
The expensive cars had Shanghai license plates, according to NetEase.
It did not take long before insurance agents rushed to the accident scene and estimated the damages.
One had a severely damaged front end.
While the other suffered damage to the rear end.
There were no reports about the drivers being hurt, but it’s safe to assume they were terrified.
Wrecking Ferraris by accident is surely no fun, but destroying them by choice is a whole different story.
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