This Boy Has Been Taking Care of His Blind Parents Ever Since He Was 4-Years-Old

Feng Molin is a 13-year-old by from China who’s been taking care of his blind parents for the past nine years. His story has been warming hearts all over china since his story came out on CCTV News .
Feng’s has been blind ever since she was a child, and his father also lost his sight in 2006 after suffering from acute meningitis. Although he was just 4-years-old at the time, Feng had to step up and start taking care of his parents. 
Since then, Feng has been cooking, cleaning, and doing farm work, while juggling school. The family has survived off of money from the government and donations from the local community.
Things took a turn for the worst when Feng’s local village school shut down and he had to move to a school far from his home. Because of this, he has to live on campus during the week. On the weekends, Feng travels home to clean the house and prepare food for the following week for his parents. 
Many people has offered aid to Feng and his family. A man even reportedly afford to adopt Feng and hire a nanny to take care of his parents. While he doesn’t refuse monetary donations, he refuses to let anyone but himself take over the role as his parent’s main caregiver. 
“Staying with my parents is my greatest joy. I will work hard to create a better future with my own hands.”
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