Female Tourist in Thailand Brutally A‌tta‌ck‌e‌d With a Bottle During Full Moon Festival Party

Female Tourist in Thailand Brutally A‌tta‌ck‌e‌d With a Bottle During Full Moon Festival Party
Ryan General
August 28, 2018
A f‌ig‌h‌t that broke out during a recent “Full Moon Party” in Thailand was captured on video and is now going viral on local social media.
Mostly attended by tourists, the all-night beach party is held every full moon on the island of Ko Pha-ngan.
However, the party on Sunday became the scene of an ugly brawl that saw two foreign women f‌ig‌ht‌in‌g against two local men, Sanook reports (via Coconuts Media).
The men, who were identified as owners of a pharmacy near the site, claimed that the scuffle started after one of the women allegedly blocked the entrance of their establishment while eating a snack.
When they reportedly told her to move, things escalated into an argument and a v‌i‌ol‌en‌t f‌ig‌h‌t between two men and two women erupted.  
image via Facebook/Natthicha Yachana
In footage of the incident, one of the men was shown smashing a glass bottle over a female tourist’s head. The f‌i‌gh‌t was then immediately broken up.
The original post has since been viewed over 7 million times, generating comments from netizens who have mostly taken the side of the women.
“Great job. Amongst the many reasons tourists don’t come to Thailand nowadays, here’s another one,” a commenter wrote. “You dickhead.”
One of the men involved later published the full CCTV footage of the scene on Facebook in an apparent bid to justify their actions against the tourists.
“Watch it and see who started it,” a user identified as Ex Pitipat wrote. “I nicely and repeatedly told them not to block my store, but they wouldn’t move … we’re going to report the person who published the short version of the clip to the police.”
Despite his insistence that the women were in the wrong, however, the netizens remained critical of their v‌iol‌e‌n‌t response and the apparent lack of remorse afterward.
image via Facebook/ฤทัยกาฬ หาญมโหฬี
“I don’t see why you had to publish this video,” one netizen pointed out. “It’s not about who’s right or wrong — it’s about unjustifiable v‌i‌o‌le‌n‌ce.”
While the two Thai men have been summoned by the local authorities for questioning, no charges have yet been filed against any of the parties involved.
Meanwhile, the Ko Pha-ngan police are still trying to locate the whereabouts of the tourists for further investigation on the matter.
Feature image via Facebook/Natthicha Yachana
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