Crazy Rich Rabbit Sips Champagne in Business Class Flight to Japan

Crazy Rich Rabbit Sips Champagne in Business Class Flight to Japan
Carl Samson
January 20, 2020
An 8-year-old female rabbit has become everyone’s envy after photos of her flight from San Francisco to Kyoto in late 2018 made rounds on the internet.
Coco, who was traveling with her owner, had a seat for herself in business class, complete with all the upscale features.
Image via Takako Ogawa
“I was returning to Japan, resigning from Google to start my new career,” Takako Ogawa, now CEO of analytics startup Panalyt Japan, told Insider.
“I couldn’t leave her in the States, so I took her back with me.”
Takako Ogawa, CEO of Panalyt Japan. Image via Takako Ogawa
Photos from the momentous flight show Coco chilling with a glass of champagne and a plate of croissant.
She also had a bowl of what appeared to be mixed nuts — perfect for the 11-hour trip.
Image via Takako Ogawa
How Coco made it to business class is straightforward: Ogawa registered her as an emotional support animal.
For this, the entrepreneur paid $100, according to Insider.
Image via Takako Ogawa
This is not the first time Coco has traveled business class — she flew the same in 2015 when Ogawa moved from Japan to San Francisco.
This time, Coco also proved to be a model passenger, as she never made a mess and hopped only around her cubicle despite the long flight.
female rabbit
Image via Takako Ogawa
For Ogawa, it was one of the best flights she’s ever had.
“She [Coco] was very curious and was hopping around. She’s usually very good. She’s very calm being surrounded by people and in a different environment, so she took it really well,” Ogawa told Metro UK.
female rabbit
Image via Takako Ogawa
The proud pet-mom also recalled how one attendant paid particular attention to Coco.
“When I got my own ice cream sundae, the flight attendant looked over and asked if the rabbit wanted anything. I wasn’t sure what the rabbit could have, but she got some of the toppings like almonds and nuts and they put it on a very small plate for her,” she told Metro UK.
“It was adorable. She did enjoy them. She was very happy.”
Feature Images via Takako Ogawa
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