Woman Caught on Camera Hitting Three Luxury Vehicles Trying to Back Out of Parking Spot in China

female driver

Surveillance footage taken from an underground parking area somewhere in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, shows a female driver hitting several other vehicles as she tries to back up her car.


In the clip, which has been circulating on Chinese social media, the woman can be seen struggling as she backs her white car out of the parking space; however, the female driver was so woefully unsuccessful that she hit a blue Maserati and another vehicle parked on both sides of her car.

woman driver

After much effort, she finally managed to back out of the parking spot. Unfortunately, this, too, did not go smoothly. The woman reversed and slammed her car straight into the white Audi that was parked adjacent to her spot, Shanghaiist reported.

It still didn’t prove quite enough, though, as the woman still had no room left to turn her vehicle. Probably frustrated at this point, the woman forced her way out of that predicament, and in the process, she once again hit another vehicle – a BMW alongside the Audi – before getting out.

A few still shots of the damage caused by the driver were featured later on in the video, showing the three vehicles grazed and damaged by the incident.

Images screenshot via YouTube / Anecdote news

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