Bamboo Artist From China Wins Hearts Online with Impressive Crafting Skills

A Chinese woman has been captivating netizens on social media with her impressive bamboo-crafting skills.

The unnamed woman can be seen showing off her talents in creating useful handicrafts from bamboo in a series of videos that have become viral hits on local video-sharing sites.

In one clip posted on Facebook page Videoog, the noticeably good-looking female artisan is shown building a bamboo shelf and stool from scratch using very basic tools.

She showed how she built the four-layer shelf step by step, starting from the way she cut the bamboo parts down in perfect sizes apparently just by estimating.

After the shelf is complete, she demonstrates how sturdy it is by showing how it is able to hold multiple kitchen items.

In her second craft, she managed to build a small chair similarly using minimal tools but with lots of expertise.

Much like the incredibly talented female Asian construction worker previously featured on NextShark, the bamboo carpenter earned praises from netizens for defying societal norms and embracing such a skill that has become rare for young people nowadays.

Feature Image via Facebook / Videoog

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