Japan Has the Most Adorable Solution to Keeping Your Room Clutter-Free

Count on the cuteness of bunnies to turn a messy room into an organized living space.
A Japanese brand has come up with an adorable solution to unclutter anyone’s room using a cleverly designed pouch that looks like a pet bunny.
The funny bunny bags from Japan, created by the YOU+MORE! brand from Felissimo, not only makes the room tidy, but also adds some character to the room.
The design of the bunny cloth is inspired by the traditional furoshiki, a wrapping cloth traditionally used in Japan to transport goods portable items. For the bunny bag,  the two pointy wrap-around fabric ends are joined together to tie the package, cleverly forming the rabbit’s ears. According to RocketNews24, the pouches are big enough to hold a number of items as each measures about 57 centimeters in length and 44 centimeters in width.
There are four designs to collect: the Netherland Dwarf, the Chinchilla, the Holland Lop Ear, and the Miniature rabbit. Put a different rabbit in each room, eliminate all unsightly clutter and save tons of space. All you’d see are room full of cute, adorable inanimate rabbits.
Check out the bunny merchandise, which costs 2,678 yen (around $26) per bunny at the Felissimo website.
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