Meet the Chinese Instagram Bae Who Spends $10,000 a Month on Streetwear

Feifei is a 20-year-old Chinese student/Instagram star who spends tens of thousands of dollars monthly on streetwear and flaunts them on social media.  

Originally from Beijing, the trendsetting student currently lives in London and is financially supported by her parents.

With an impressive social media following of over 37,000 on Instagram, Feifei shows off her expensive streetwear apparel to a wide audience worldwide.

In an interview with Highsnobiety, she explains that she began collecting streetwear around 2010. Today, she spends approximately $10,000 a month on the latest trends from her favorite brands.

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With Supreme top of her list, she revealed that she currently fancies a variety of labels, including Palace, Gosha, Raf Simons among others.

And while the street fashion industry has mostly been associated with the male market in the past years, women like Feifei are advocating a change that is slowly eroding the stereotype.

Of course, being one of the bearers of such transformation has earned Feifei her own share of haters. Occasionally, she would get private messages on Instagram criticizing her style.

“To be honest, I’m actually not a very confident person,” she was quoted as saying. “At first I cared about those comments very much, so when people talked shit to me, I always shared it with my friends.”

She added that she has now started to ignore such feedback and just focuses on her hobby.

“They are just jealous of me,” she says. “When someone sees my fit pic where I am wearing a piece they want, they’ll say things like ‘fucking whack’ or ‘such an ugly bitch.’ I would never say that to people that I don’t really know. And I won’t hate people that I haven’t seen in a real life.”

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She believes that all the hate stems from her favored industry being a “male-dominated scene.”

“Mainly guys thinking it should only be for guys, and some people dislike me just because I am a girl, and they think a girl can’t be a hypebeast. I used to think some of those guys were cool,  but they turned out to be super narrow-minded and outdated,” she said.

Although she is looking forward to having a career related to her current hobby, she expressed that she has not set her sights on what she will be doing after she graduates.

“Maybe stylist or something. I don’t know, I don’t think about the future. But I think my career must relate to streetwear in some way,” she said.

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