Members of China’s Newest Boy Band Are Actually Girls

Members of China’s Newest Boy Band Are Actually GirlsMembers of China’s Newest Boy Band Are Actually Girls
At first glance, Chinese pop group FFC-Acrush looks very much like your typical Asian boy band.
However, upon further inspection of the latest Chinese “boy group” to emerge from the local entertainment, one may be surprised to discover that all of the members are actually girls in their early twenties. The five members are Lin Fan, Jun Qian, Xi Chen, Ke Ran and Jun Xi.
FFC-Acrush has been dubbed the “girl group with a boyish concept,” in which the female members are mostly seen wearing men’s fashion apparel, Koreaboo reports.
Instead of dressing up in a typical feminine getup, members of the new group would rather be seen in boys’ shirts and jeans.
Their unique concept has so far enabled the group to go viral, getting mostly positive responses from netizens. FFC-Acrush’s Weibo fan page currently has nearly 900,000 followers.
According to the group’s agent Zhou Xiaobai, Acrush’ is “a group advocating freedom, not bounded by frames.” Even the letter “A” in the group’s name represents masculinity, which reportedly stands for Adonis, a Greek god of male beauty.
The group, which is based in the southern Zhejiang province, was recently unveiled in a music event called “Husband Exhibition” held by social network giant Tencent at Chinese universities. According to Quartz, the term “husband” is used commonly by Chinese female fans to refer to their favorite pop stars as terms of endearment.
FFC-Acrush is expected to release their debut music video by the end of April.
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