Boba Shop Worker Expertly Reveals What Your Favorite Order Says About You


If your horoscopes feel a bit generic lately, worry not. We’ve found a new way of understanding your personality. But first, a quick question: do you like boba?

A Twitter thread by user @succdevon outlined their own “research” from working at a boba place, prompting lots of retweets and mentions on the post.

The list seems to be ongoing, and they already outlined the significance of over 20 different boba teas.

Dev began the list with Original Milk Tea, cracking jokes at “basic” Asian stereotypes, and went on from there. Here are some of the other highlight tweets in this thread:

Is there accuracy to Dev’s list? What boba flavors would you like to see Dev cover next? What boba tea describes NextShark? Is it weird that I’m really thirsty right now?

Feature Image via Instagram / bobaguys

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