Newlywed Bride D‌ie‌s of C‌an‌ce‌r a Day After Getting Married in Malaysia

Newlywed Bride D‌ie‌s of C‌an‌ce‌r a Day After Getting Married in Malaysia

August 6, 2018
A 24-year-old Malaysian woman s‌uf‌feri‌ng from stage four sarcoma c‌anc‌er fulfilled her d‌yi‌ng‌ wish to get married to her boyfriend a day before she succumbed to her il‌ln‌ess.
Fatin Nursyahirah Yusuf married her boyfriend, Azzam, on Friday morning after being engaged since June 2017.
Later that same day, she was rushed and admitted to the h‌o‌spi‌tal when her breathing deteriorated, according to The Star.
God loves her more and she left us at dawn on Saturday with Mama, Abah (father), her husband, Mak Besah, and myself by her side,” her 30-year-old brother, Shukur Yusuf, said in a Facebook post.
He documented his sister’s wedding which was attended by family members, friends, and a kadi or Muslim marriage official.
Fatin had undergone two surgeries and radiotherapy sessions since last year, but c‌an‌cer‌ had already spread in her body.
She was inconsolable. I tried to encourage her even when I was crying myself,” Shukur told mStar Online.
He added that it was his sister’s d‌yi‌n‌g wish to continue with the wedding despite her condition, and both families agreed.
We were very moved by Azzam and his family’s sincerity who accepted an ailing person to be part of their lives,” he said. “After the solemnisation ceremony, we felt grateful and relieved that they were able to be united as husband and wife, even if it would just be for a short while.”
Shukur and his family reportedly accepted the passing of his sister, affectionately known as Kakak (or big sister), as part of God’s plan.
She was a happy-go-lucky person. But she would keep her problems to herself as she never wanted to trouble anyone. That was Kakak,” Shukur said.
Images via Facebook / shukur.yusuf
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