Heartwarming viral video shows woman having her late father’s shirts turned into beautiful quilts

Heartwarming viral video shows woman having her late father’s shirts turned into beautiful quilts

July 4, 2022
A video that shows a digital creator sending her late father’s shirts over to a company in India to make quilts has gone viral.
Nikhita Kini posted the heartwarming Instagram reel on Father’s Day last month. The video, which Kini claims took her two years to complete, has since garnered over 2.2 million views and over 162,000 likes.  
The beginning of the video shows a folded stack of shirts in a cardboard box. “2 years ago we sent dad’s favourite shirts to a magical place,” the onscreen text says.
“They sorted the shirts according to colours – Pink and Blue, dad’s fav colours,” Kini writes in the next part of the video, which shows different piles of shirts.
A few seconds later, a man – most likely Kini’s brother – can be seen closely examining a quilt with different shades of blue. “Waited for 2 years to travel with it to surprise my brother with one,” the onscreen text says.
The reel ends with the words “Always keeping us warm, even from beyond” over a snippet of a man – most likely Kini’s father – smiling, dancing and dressed in a pink shirt. 
In her post’s caption, Kini thanked Purkal Stree Shakti, a business in India that sells both original and custom quilts, and said they do “God’s work” by “giving people more than just a warm blanket.”
Kini also wrote that she was too overwhelmed to film herself opening her package from Purkal Stree Shakti in 2021 since its arrival coincided with her father’s birthday, March 8. 
“I unpacked it and could feel emotions I haven’t experienced in my whole life,” she said.
She also explained that it used to be a “ritual” for her and her mother to pick out her father’s shirts “according to the colour of his pants,” and he would even call if they were away to ask about “the correct combinations.”
Instagram users expressed their love for the reel, with many sharing their own stories about their fathers’ shirts.
Purkal Stree Shakti also commented, saying, “This is so precious! So glad that we got to make this for you. Makes our work all the more meaningful for us.”
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