Father and Mother Brutally Murder 13-Year-Old Daughter in India For Talking to a Boy

Father and Mother Brutally Murder 13-Year-Old Daughter in India For Talking to a Boy

September 20, 2017
A teenage girl in India was brutally murdered by her own father simply because she was caught being friendly with boys.
NDTV reports that 13-year-old Radhika, who was described by friends as a smart and fun-loving child, and enjoyed singing, has become one of the youngest ever victims of an honor killing in India.   
The practice, prevalent in cultures where women are mistreated and considered inferior to men, involves the killing of a girl or woman who is perceived to have brought dishonor to the family.
According to local authorities, the heinous crime reportedly took place in Nalgonda, near Hyderabad, shortly after the father witnessed his daughter talking to a boy outside her school.
Radhika’s father, identified as Narasimha, accused the girl of giving the family a bad name before bashing her head against a wall and then strangling her to death. Investigators claimed that the girl’s mother, identified as Lingamma, even assisted in pouring kerosene fuel over her body before they set her on fire.
The parents were arrested after neighbors called the police. Upon police questioning, the father and mother admitted that they did indeed murder their own daughter.
“Radhika’s half-burnt body was found in one place. We suspected that she had been killed first and then the body was set on fire,” police officer Bali Gangareddy was quoted as saying.
“During the interrogation of the parents, they finally admitted to having killed her out of anger that her deed would spoil their reputation in the village. The father says the boy in conversation with Radhika had run away seeing him.
Another unnamed inspector added:
 “They got nervous after realising that their daughter was no more and feared that they would be arrested. So, they doused her body with kerosene and burnt it to show it as a suicide. They later lodged a complaint with the police that the girl had committed suicide out of depression.”
The parents have since been arrested and charged with murder.
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