Father with Lung Cancer Records Voice on Smart Home Device So His Family Can Hear Him Forever

A terminally-ill father from China recorded his voice to be played on their smart home device so that his family could still hear him even when he succumbed to his illness.


In the short Father’s Day tribute that Chinese state-owned network CGTN posted on June 16, it shows the story of Wang Yu, a father from Henan province, China who was dying from late-stage Lung cancer. He was first diagnosed with the disease back in 2017.

During these tough times, in-between his chemotherapy sessions, Wang would often travel from his home to Beijing just to record enough words and phrases for the smart home device to be able to do data analysis and simulate his voice.

Son, please remember your father’s voice, as if he has never left,” Wang’s wife wrote in her diary.

Unfortunately, the father passed away in December 2018. But even so, his voice continues to live on in their household reminding their son to wake up in the morning or even wish him a happy birthday.

Screenshot via YouTube / CGTN

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