Father in China gifts his son 20 properties to help him attract a wife

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  • A Chinese father reportedly gifted his son with 20 properties in a bid to help him find a wife.
  • The anonymous father met with a matchmaker who filmed the meeting and brought a pink bag containing 20 deeds for the properties he bought his son.
  • The father described his son as a “decent man” with “a very promising job,” and the matchmaker, Zhang, promised to find the man’s son a good wife.
  • Zhang’s video, which was posted across various Chinese social media platforms, sparked an online debate in which some praised the father for helping his son, while others questioned the son’s ability to find his own partner.

To help his son find a wife, a father from Hebei Province in northern China gifted his 24-year-old son with 20 properties.

After seeing his son participate in a matchmaking corner, a public area where matchmakers hold meetings with parents and their single children, the anonymous father was motivated to find a prospective daughter-in-law. 

On May 5, the father met with a matchmaker, Zhang, and in a video that Zhang filmed of the meeting, the father can be seen opening a pink bag to reveal “less than 20 copies” of the commercial property deeds that he had bought his son so that he may appear more desirable.

“The father wasn’t intending to show off, but he was keen to find a daughter-in-law from a family of equal status,” Zhang told Chinese media outlet Jimu News, per South China Morning Post.

The father also explains that his son has a stable job and is a “decent man.”

Zhang then tells the father that he will do what he can to find his son a partner. 

The video sparked a debate among internet users about Chinese parents’ excessive involvement in finding their children marriage partners. While some internet users believed that the father had good intentions, others questioned why the son would need to have so many properties in order to attract a partner.

“How bad is his son? Do good guys really have this much difficulty finding a girlfriend?” one user asked. 


Feature Image via Zhouxing Lu / Unsplash

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