Father and Daughter Do Homework Together in the Subway When Their Power Goes Out

father daughter

A father and daughter were recently spotted doing homework in a subway station in Wuhan, China, after a blackout on Sunday evening.

In the surveillance footage circulating on Weibo, the father and daughter can be seen arriving at the station with a bag full of books and papers.

After finding a good spot, the duo then sat on the subway station floor and continued to do her homework, according to Shanghaiist.

Moments later, a stationmaster approached the two. After learning the situation, he immediately offered for them to use the office with tables and chairs instead of sitting on the cold floor of the subway station.

The stationmaster even gave the father and daughter a cup of hot tea.

Her father stayed with her throughout the study session until 11 p.m., according the report.

Images screenshot via Weibo

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