Father Caught on Video Throwing Kid into a Lake Is Asian Parenting At its Best

Chinese netizens are split over their reactions to a viral video of a father teaching his young child how to swim in a no-nonsense approach.

In the half-minute clip, an obviously terrified toddler can be seen screaming his lungs out as his dad brings him toward the lake.

As the boy was crying, the father did not waste time in getting him undressed and throwing him naked into the water.

Moments later, the kid can be seen struggling for a breath while trying to paddle his way around, unsure of what to do as a crowd in the background can be heard laughing.

Shortly, the dad came to his aid and retrieved him.

Many Chinese social media users were quick to criticize the father’s teaching method as they found it to be traumatizing, especially for a kid his age.

There are other netizens, on the other hand, who believe that the unorthodox style is an effective technique to teach swimming.

“This is how I learned to swim when I was young,” one Weibo user was quoted as saying.

According to Shanghaiist, a longer version of the video was also posted online wherein the kid is shown by himself swimming his way back to shore after his dad abandoned him again.

The boy is seen in tears and trembling naked. His mother came to him and wrapped a towel around him.

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