Father Of Bully Who Brutally Beat Korean Girl Speaks on Daughter’s ‘Unforgivable Crime’

Father Of Bully Who Brutally Beat Korean Girl Speaks on Daughter’s ‘Unforgivable Crime’Father Of Bully Who Brutally Beat Korean Girl Speaks on Daughter’s ‘Unforgivable Crime’
The father of Jeong Yu Mi, the main perpetrator in the brutal beating of her 14-year-old classmate, promised to pay the price for his daughter’s “unforgivable crime”.
Jeong’s father saw the shocking footage of his daughter viciously attacking a teenaged girl, stating with horror that it was even “more violent than an adult crime”. According to Koreaboo, the suspect’s father believes that his daughter should be punished for her “unforgivable” crimes.
The suspect’s father admitted that the incident gave him some “negative thoughts”, especially after receiving over a thousand phone calls from people telling his family to “go commit suicide”. While Jeong’s father has already accepted the consequences of his daughter’s crime, he still hopes to make it up to the victim by visiting her in person.
“Even if I’m refused admittance, I will get on my knees and apologize. I want to hold her hand and cry,” Jeong’s father added. However, the 14-year-old victim exclaimed that she will not forgive the assailants for what they’ve done to her.
As for the underage attacker, her father revealed that she’s currently rehabilitating at a youth detention center. Jeong’s father also stated that his daughter has been self-reflecting on her crimes and promised to “never do it again”.
Horrific images of the gristly incident went viral on social media which led to numerous angry netizens clamoring for the juvenile culprits to receive adult punishment. In fact, the incident even caught the attention of celebrities, including 2PM member Chansung.
According to AllKpop, the South Korean singer believes that the culprits should be subjected to harsher punishments saying “When they’re given weaker punishments as a result, they fail to understand the repercussions of their crime”.
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“You can’t possibly act like this as a human being,” Chansung added.
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