‘Fast & Furious’ May Bring Back The Most Badass Asian Character Ever

Max Chang
April 6, 2017
One of the most beloved characters in “The Fast and the Furious” film franchise has been Han Seoul-Oh.
Han Seoul-Oh, played by Sung Kang, was first introduced in the 2006 film, “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”, directed by Justin Lin. His character is based off of another character of the same name in Lin’s 2002 indie movie, “Better Luck Tomorrow”. Unfortunately, the character was seemingly killed off at the end of “Tokyo Drift”.
However, Kang’s character was so well received that the studios restructured the timeline of the next three films so that they could still feature Han. In the seventh installment of “Fast and the Furious”, it was revealed that Deckard Shaw, played by Jason Statham, was behind Han’s death.
Fortunately, it looks like there’s a slight possibility that we may see Han onscreen once again. Chris Morgan, a writer for the franchise, teased to that having Han return in future films might be a possibility, according to /Film:
“Now, that’s funny because I’ve actually been thinking about that a lot. So it’s interesting that you and I are on the same wavelength there. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out. I love Sung – he’s one of my favorite people on the planet.”
If this really were to happen, it wouldn’t be the first time the franchise has brought someone back from the dead. Letty, played my Michelle Rodriguez reappeared in “Fast & Furious 6” after seemingly dying in “Fast & Furious”.
Regardless, I think we should start a campaign with a Twitter hashtag #bringhanback! Who’s with me!?
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