Farmers in India Go Viral After Basically Winning the ‘Kiki Challenge’

Farmers in India Go Viral After Basically Winning the ‘Kiki Challenge’Farmers in India Go Viral After Basically Winning the ‘Kiki Challenge’
A pair of farmers taking on the occasionally dangerous “Kiki Challenge” with their oxen in India has won the approval of the internet.
The challenge, an offshoot interpretation of the chorus in Drake’s “In My Feelings,” has participants stepping out of a moving car and dancing to the song beside it with the door open.
A quick YouTube search shows the following results.
Comedian Shiggy reportedly started the challenge, which has since gotten a number of participants in trouble over apparent safety issues.
So when 27-year-old Sriram Srikanth filmed his farmer friends doing the challenge without a running automobile — and with a pair of oxen instead — the internet responded with pure enjoyment.
The stars of Srikanth’s video, Anil Geela, 24, and Pilli Tirupati, 28, accepted the challenge without choreography — and let the lyrics guide their dancing.
Their performance was shot on a rice field in the village of Lambadipally, state of Telangana, where they have been living for most of their lives.
Srikanth, a farmer himself, posted the video on his YouTube channel and Instagram page called “My Village Show” on Aug. 1.
It has since raked hundreds of thousands of views, with many praising the farmers’ simple yet authentic and non-dangerous take on the viral trend.
Left to Right: Tirupati, Geela, and Srikanth. Image via Instagram / myvillageshow
“This is our village style of dance, and it was all done in the spur-of-the-moment,” Geela, who heard “In My Feelings” as his first English song, told NPR.
“Dancing in the mud is fun — it’s eco-friendly and safe. Many village experiences are pure unadulterated joy. And that’s what we hoped to convey.”
Tirupati and Geela. Image via Instagram / myvillageshow
Tirupati, the one who wore long sleeves, added, I’m happy the video is going viral.”
Needless to say, these farmers’ unique take on the challenge deserves praise.
And of course, the internet agrees.
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