Fans of Malaysian Celebrity Couple Criticized After Raising $50,000 for Their Wedding Reception

Fans of Malaysian Celebrity Couple Criticized After Raising $50,000 for Their Wedding Reception
King Malleta
By King Malleta
November 28, 2016
Singaporean fans of Malaysian celebrity couple Amar Baharin and Amyra Rosli received backlash after reportedly spending more than $50,000 for their third wedding reception.
According to AsiaOne, Baharin and Rosli already tied the knot on November 11 and held two receptions for their families and friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But with the effort of many of their Singaporean fans, it looks like they will be celebrating a third wedding soon.
A third wedding reception is set to be held in Singapore which will be spearheaded by Madam Asliani Abdul Ghani, the head of Amyra Rosli Supporters Singapore, along with local events company FA Event & Entertainment. The Singapore-based fan club has nearly 29,000 followers on Instagram.
The news of the $50,000 wedding celebration drew negative criticism on social media with many calling it a waste of money. Asliani was quick to defend the wedding reception saying that she believes the money and the effort put for the event will be worthwhile.
“I can understand how disappointed the fans felt when they were unable to travel to attend the wedding. This is a present to their fans for their support over the years,” Asliani said on The New Paper.
Madam Asliani set the third wedding project in motion after she attended the couple’s engagement party in July. She reportedly received a “Go” signal from the bride’s mother who is also a close friend.
In three weeks, Asliani and her team were able to secure 22 sponsors for Baharin and Rosli’s third wedding which will be held in Singapore. The party will take place at The Ballroom at East Coast, which is owned by radio personality AB Shaik. They also expect around 300 guests to attend.
“We gave priority to big fans who were unable to attend past events, those who have paid in the past for their meet-and-greet sessions, and members of the public who have never had a chance to meet the couple,” Asliani said.
The news of the upcoming wedding reception was posted on Berita Mediacorp Facebook page and many netizens reacted by commenting that the wedding reception is “wasteful” and “stupid.”
Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Malaysian actress expressed her gratitude with regards to the generosity of their Singaporean fans.
“We feel very grateful for our fans here. Singapore is like a second home to us and we are truly touched that the fans have gone out of their way to organize this,” she said.
Whether it’s lavish gifts or paying an enormous amount of money to meet their favorite stars, it just goes to show that some fans are willing to go above and beyond just to please their idols.
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