Fans Give Life to Pokémon That Didn’t Make It to the Original Game

There are Pokémon sketches that failed to be part of the original game released in the 1990s, and for that matter, never made it to fandom consciousness.

So when a Pokémon designer revealed them out of the blue last week, the internet knew what to do.

For the uninitiated, Satoshi Tajiri, the man behind Pokémon, is also the founder of Game Freak, the development company that created the first Pokémon game in history.

The original game, released for the Game Boy in 1996, is a role-playing title that featured 151 Pokémon we might as well call legends today — Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, and Meowth, to name a few.

Image via Nintendo

But it turns out there are other Pokémon that could have been part of that game. Designer James Turner shared a glimpse of them on Twitter:

Apparently, the excerpt that Turner posted comes from a new manga that delves into Satoshi’s life.

According to Game Rant, the excerpt shows four characters that did not make the cut, namely #56 Diaa (“Deer”), #62 Kurokki (“Crocky” for crocodile), #67 Kakutasu (“Cactus”) and #68 Jaggu (“jag” for the jagged spear protruding from a shark’s head).

Some fan art started coming in soon:

According to Kotaku, fans believe that Turner’s post sheds some light on the Missingno glitch, in which the game gets confused as to what Pokémon the player is supposed to encounter. Because each Pokémon is coded with a reference number, Missingno appearances could be showing the stored data of the unused characters.

That being said, it is interesting to see these monsters come to life. There could be more, after all.

Featured Images via Twitter / (Left): JamesTurner_42 | (Right): Barbie_E4

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