Fan Bingbing is ‘Deeply Hurt’ By China’s Terrible Wax Figures of Her

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing had a meltdown during a live stream video over wax figures of herself in China that looked nothing like her.

Normally, it is an honor for celebrities and personalities to have wax figures of themselves. It’s somehow an affirmation that they are successful at what they do.

However, instead of being happy and pleased with wax figures of herself spread all over China, Fan Bingbing is anything but impressed.

“The wax museums in China have hurt me deeply,” the actress said during her live stream.

According to AsiaOne, fans and online users shared photos of these wax figures on Weibo, and many of them can’t help but notice how poorly made most of these replicas were.

Aside from bearing no resemblance at all to the actress, most of the replicas have disproportionate measurements, unrealistic facial features and horrendous costumes.

It looks like Fan Bingbing only endorses the wax figure she has in Madame Tussauds in Shanghai which was unveiled in April 2011.

The wax statue wearing the famous dragon gown she wore at Cannes really bears close resemblance and truly gave Fan Bingbing’s beauty justice.

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