Family Sues School District, Class Bullies After Student Left Hospitalized in Palos Verdes

The family of an eighth grader, who was attacked by bullies three times, is now suing the assailants as well as the Palos Verdes Intermediate School.

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According to KTLA, Leo Lin and his family are now filing a lawsuit against the school district and his attackers over three assaults, two of which occurred in spring while the last one occurred last week and left him hospitalized.


The first incident I got attacked by other students and it was filmed on tape,” he told the news station, Daily Mail reported. “And the second incident was when a school supervisor told other students to jump me.”

Lin then detailed the third most recent attack, which took place just last week in a boys bathroom. He said the bullies jumped on him after he refused to buy a vape from one of the students.

A kid pushed me from behind and then the other kid who was offering me to buy, grabbed my head and smashed it into the sink,” the 13-year-old said.

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The teenager was immediately rushed to the hospital. He reportedly suffered from a concussion and needed stitches from the attack.

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Not just physically, but the incidents have also caused emotional and mental damage to Lin. He expressed to the media how he is now afraid to go back to school, and how he was disappointed by the school’s lack of response and how they did “nothing” to punish the assailants.

I forgot things,” he said. “I have nightmares and things like that. It was horrible.”

His father, Ying Lin, revealed that the whole family was affected by what happened to his teenage son.

“My wife is crying and my kid is terrified.”

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Several defendants in the lawsuit have been revealed by the family’s lawyer, Mark Haushalter.

This case is simply about bullying and recess is over,” Haushalter told the news network. “We will be holding the principal, the school district, the teachers and the assailants responsible. Enough is enough.”

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